An innovative and effective way to engage your website visitors.  A sterile CAD plan becomes an interactive and powerful marketing device, encouraging a visitor to explore your homes.  Click on a room name and look inside.

The room name links can be shown on a CAD plan (below) with the house furnished or unfurnished. 

Internal Panoramic Views

of an unbuilt house

( This page shows a furnished home. Click here to view an unfurnished home.  If installed on your website, only the floor plan would be displayed, the room views would be hidden until the room name on the plan was clicked.  This means the entire system fits into the same space on your web page as do your present floor plans ).

Plan for WIX copy.jpg

Bed 1

view 2

Bed 1

view 1



Best viewed in Full Screen Mode






Bed 1 view 1


Bed 1 view 2




Bedroom 3


Bedroom 4



( Click here to view the furnished version )

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