If your company producers numerous designs, and each has multiple facade options, then here's a (very) low cost but highly effective way of showing your potential buyers all the facade options you have available. 


Producing fully rendered photo realsitic images is time consuming and costs. However, early in our production process we generate basic models which we can make 'viewer friendly' as shown below. Viewers can't resist a play button; these four second clips show the basics of your design as you walk past the house.


Below are the three options on offer:

- Basic Model black & white

- Model with textures added

- Coloured




Basic house model. No textures or colours. 'Walk-past' video provides viewer with appreciation of facade and features. (It's hard to resist clicking on a short video clip !)
Brick, tiles, render etc added for an enhanced view of the house.
Colours added. At this stage the colours are not fine tuned but gives your viewer a good feel for the final appearance. Combined with the walk-past effect, it's a valuable marketing tool.
BELOW:  An extended version of the video above. It runs for longer, is a larger file (of course), but it offers your viewer a far more comprehensive view of the house .
Even cheaper options are still shots of any of the above.
As you know, the danger with photo realistic renderings is that unhelpful customers can use these images if the house you build for them does not match the rendering in every conceivable detail. You then have a problem.
With basic illustrations as above, not pretending to be photographic, natural grey areas help insulate you from these problems.